Address: Various Dayton locations

Phone:  (937) 434-7827 

- First location opened up in 1969 on Brown St. in Downtown Dayton.

- Have been named Dayton's Best Pizza by a poll in Dayton Business Journal.

- Offers Gluten Free Pizzas

-Very Family Friendly!


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- Atlantic City Subs..the bread is made from scratch & it is good!

- Very tasty pizzas!

- Beer.  They have a nice beer selection....they now have a good variety of Craft Beers as well as your common domestics and imports.


- The pizzas are really good and they load on the ingredients.

- The Atlantic City Italian sub is incredible.  You will smell like this sub for days.

- The Bread.  It quite possibly might be what makes these subs amazing.  Carb are screwed when you try this will eat a lot of it and be in a carb coma for days.

The rear entrance to Milano's on Brown Street in Downtown Dayton.
The Grilled Chicken & Provolone Sub without Mayo.  At least we tried to be somewhat healthier.
The Cheesy Garlic Bread is incredible.  Lots of garlic and lots of cheese...what's not to love?
Another shot of the wonderful Cheesy Garlic Bread.  This can be a meal itself.
Here is a slice of a Thin Crust Deluxe Pizza.
The entrance to the dining room at Milano''s a lot nicer than the original location on Brown St.
The Chicken & Provolone Sub is Din-o-Mite.
Do you notice the amount of toppings that they thrown on their pizzas?
This pizza has been voted Dayton Best's Pizza by Dayton Business Journal.
What is hidden behind that wall of cheese you ask?  It is one of Milano's Meatball Subs.
One of the most popular sandwiches has to be the Atlantic City Italian Sub.  It has Genoa Salami, Cotta Salami, & Capicola.
Their are lots of beer choices at can go for domestic brews, imports, and a variety of Craft Beers.
It seems like we go through quite a few of these when we hit Milanos.
This store is such an improvement over the old location on Brown St., although some people like the old ovens better.
Another pizza that we enjoy is a Mushroom and Banana Pepper pizza.
Another great offering from Milanos is the Calzones.
The Calzones offer the great Milanos crust and we went with Green Peppers, Mushrooms, and Cheese for the guts of the Calzone.
The new Milanos locations are more family friendly and a lot cleaner!
The Miami Township Location offers a great patio to dine on in the warmer months....or if you need a smoke break.
The nice, cozy little bar area....Superfry loves the Great Lakes sign that hangs about the middle of the beer.