About Food Adventures with Superfry & The Big Ragu

Food.. Who better to tackle this topic than three Dayton residents who are fanatical “foodies.”

It all started with a road trip to Chinatown in Chicago in April 2008.  
It is there that we experienced our first FOOD ADVENTURE !

After generating some Facebook buzz, we were approached by DaytonMostMetro.com and asked to be their featured food bloggers.    We were honored, and still have a great partnership with them today.  

Meet Hungry Jax, Chef House and The Big Ragu.  We have an unmatched passion for food, this is not our job, this is our hobby. We are not food critics, we are 3 people that love to eat and share our favorite local and not so local foodstuffs. Original photos, original food events, festivals, recipes, classes and so much more ! Join us everyday for a Food Adventure !

But let's make sure we set the record straight about FOOD ADVENTURES...

We are not food critics, we just love to eat!

We are not self-proclaimed journalists. We are much more than 1 person with a free Instagram or twitter account calling themselves "we." We are Dayton Foodies, not Dayton phonies.  We promise to deliver our unique take on places to eat in the Dayton area and beyond.  This is a hobby, not our job, so we have no agenda.  Our goal is to be informative and entertaining.   Whether casual food, formal dining, street food, or festivals, we will leave no plate unturned.  

Together, your humble Food Adventurers will seek out locally owned restaurants, unique places off the beaten path, and even give our slant on some familiar favorites. 
Whenever we visit a place, we call it a “Food Adventure.” 

You can expect pictures of each Food Adventure we embark on. 

You can expect us hugging waiters, posting nostalgic blogs, and emotionally eating our way through life. 

So get ready fans, you are about to go on an adventure…..

"Just Us"...  Food Adventures with Big Ragu and the Crew.  
No rules, no whining.. no only child syndrome, just eat. 
Often imitated, never duplicated - Don't be confused by ripoff sites...